Vineyard iNaturalist Projects


A Selection of Martha’s Vineyard iNaturalist Projects

The Martha’s Vineyard Atlas of Life is by no means the only Vineyard entity that is using the iNaturalist platform. Other organizations and even individuals have established projects to study places or taxonomic groups of particular interest. Some of these are so-called “collection projects,” automatically aggregating all iNat observations that meet specified criteria (e.g., time frame, location, or taxonomic group). Others are “traditional projects,” to which appropriate observations must be added manually, either by the observer or by the project owners. In either case, these projects are a valuable resource to anyone interested in the Vineyard’s biodiversity. “Umbrella projects” combine the results of multiple projects.

All these projects represent ready-made selections of observations from which a viewer can learn what species have been documented in iNaturalist and how observations of those species are distributed around the island and around the calendar. Note that iNaturalist observations can appear in multiple projects, with no limit – so many individual observations will be part of more than one of the projects we list here.

Unless specified in the project’s description, these projects are not managed by BiodiversityWorks or the Martha’s Vineyard Atlas of Life. But we feel they’re potentially useful to Vineyard naturalists, so we’re posting links to some of the projects we think will be most valuable. Click the buttons associated with paragraphs in the sidebar to the left to visit these projects, read who has organized them and for what purpose, and explore the sightings that are collected there.