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Checklist of Amphibians



Common NameScientific NameNotes
Order Urodela - Salamanders
Caudata: Ambystomatidae (Mole Salamanders)
Spotted SalamanderAmbystoma maculatumvery rare and local; only known from Edgartown
Salamandridae (Newts)
Red-spotted NewtNotophthalmus viridescensrare and local; known from West Tisbury and Aquinnah (Gay Head)
Plethodontidae (Lungless Salamanders)
Eastern Red-backed SalamanderPlethodon cinereusuncommon; both red-backed and lead-backed phases are known
Four-toed SalamanderHemidactylium scutatumvery rare and local; known only from West Tisbury
Anura: Pelobatidae (Spadefoot)
Spadefoot ToadScaphiopus holbrookivery rare and local; only known from Edgartown; a Threatened species in MA
Order Anura – Frogs and Toads
Bufonidae (True Toads)
Fowler’s ToadBufo woodhouseiuncommon and local
American ToadBufo americanusvery rare and local; only known from West Tisbury
Hylidae (True Tree Frogs)
Spring PeeperHyla crucifercommon and widespread
Gray TreefrogHyla versicolorno breeding records. Two heard calling in early summer 2022 in Oak Bluffs and W. Tisbury
Ranidae (True Frogs)
Green FrogRana clamitanscommon
Pickerel FrogRana palustriscommon
BullfrogRana catesbeianaintroduced and widespread