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Butterflies and Skippers

Common NameScientific NameNotes
Superfamily Papilionoidea
Family Papilionidae – Swallowtails and Parnassians
Pipevine SwallowtailBattus philenorrare visitor, a few instances of breeding
Black SwallowtailPapilio polyxenescommon in gardens and fields
Eastern Tiger SwallowtailPapilio glaucuscommon and widespread
Spicebush SwallowtailPapilio Troilusmoderately common in woodland clearings
Giant SwallowtailPapilio cresphontesRare vagrant/migrant, first recorded 2012
Family Pieridae – Whites and Yellows
Cabbage WhitePieris rapaecommon and widespread; abundant in late summer and early fall
Clouded SulphurColias philodicecommon, especially in agricultural fields
Orange SulphurColias eurythemecommon and widespread
Cloudless SulphurPhoebis sennaeuncommon but quite regular immigrant
Little Yellow SulphurPyrisitia lisarare immigrant in summer; more common historically
Family Lycaenidae – Gossamer Wings
American CopperLycaena phlaeaswidespread, common to abundant
Bog CopperLycaena epixanthelocally common in bogs
Red-banded HairstreakCalycopis cecropsuncommon but likely becoming established: first records (2) in 2016, recorded annually in recent years.
Coral HairstreakSatyrium tituslocally common in old fields and edges
Edwards’ HairstreakSatyrium edwardsiilocally abundant near Quercus ilicifolia
Banded HairstreakSatyrium calanusuncommon
Striped HairstreakSatyrium lipapropsuncommon; generally moist woodland and edges
Oak HairstreakSatyrium favionusUnreported most years, but occasionally locally common (e.g., 2004).
Juniper HairstreakCallophrys gryneuslocally common, closely associated with Juniperus virginiana
Brown ElfinCallophrys augustuslocally common in open areas
Hoary ElfinCallophrys polioslocally common near host plant, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Frosted ElfinCallophrys irusrare; species of Special Concern in MA
Eastern Pine ElfinCallophrys niphoncommon
White-M HairstreakParrhasius m-albumrare and local, unreported most years
Gray HairstreakStrymon melinusvariably common; on Nomans Land
Eastern Tailed BlueEveres comyntascommon; on Nomans Land
Spring AzureCelastrina ladoncommon in and near woodlands
Cherry-gall AzureCelastrina serotinacommon in and near woodlands
Summer AzureCelastrina neglectauncommon
Family Nymphalidae – Brush-footed Butterflies, Wood Nymphs and Milkweed Butterflies
Variegated FritillaryEuptoieta Claudiauncommon immigrant
Great Spangled FritillarySpeyeria cybelehistorical and a few recent records; not known to breed here
AphroditeSpeyeria Aphroditeone record, 1936
Regal FritillarySpeyeria idaliaformerly uncommon; extirpated by 1987
Silver-bordered FritillaryBoloria selenehistorical reports; no recent records
Meadow FritillaryBoloria bellonaone historical record in 1934
Pearl CrescentPhyciodes tharoscommon and widespread
BaltimoreEuphydryas phaetonlocally common
Question MarkPolygonia interrogationismoderately common, especially in late summer
Eastern CommaPolygonia commasurprisingly scarce; only one recent record
Gray CommaPolygonia prognerare vagrant; found in 1939
Compton TortoiseshellNymphalis vau-albumrare visitor; only recent record July 1999
Mourning CloakNymphalis antiopafairly common; on Nomans Land
American LadyVanessa virginiensiscommon; on Nomans Land
Painted LadyVanessa carduiuncommon to, occasionally, fairly common visitor
Red AdmiralVanessa atalantairregular migrant, sometimes very common; on Nomans Land
Common BuckeyeJunonia coeniauncommon migrant, mostly late summer, on Nomans Land
Red-spotted PurpleLimenitis arthemiscommon
ViceroyLimenitis archippusrare in recent years
Appalachian BrownSatyrodes appalachialocally common on wetland edges
Little Wood SatyrMegisto cymelaabundant in woodland edges and clearings
Common RingletCoenonympha tulliamoderately common in grassy areas
Common Wood NymphCercyonis pegalacommon to abundant; on Nomans Land
MonarchDanaus plexippuscommon and widespread; on Nomans Land
QueenDanaus gilippusvagrant; one record, July 8, 1934
American SnoutLibytheana carinentaone record, September 6, 2010
Superfamily Hesperioidea
Family Hesperiidae – Skippers
Long-tailed SkipperUrbanus proteusone record, 2023
Silver-spotted SkipperEpargyreus claruscommon in gardens and open habitats
Southern CloudywingThorybes bathylluslocal and uncommon
Northern CloudywingThorybes pyladeslocal and uncommon
Dreamy DuskywingErynnis icelusrare to, at best, uncommon
Sleepy DuskywingErynnis brizocommon in oak woods
Juvenal’s DuskywingErynnis juvenaliscommon to abundant near oaks
Horace’s DuskywingErynnis horatiusrare but presumably resident
Wild Indigo DuskywingErynnis baptisiaemoderately common
Common SootywingPholisora catullusuncommon to rare
Least SkipperAncyloxypha numitorcommon in grassy areas; on Nomans Land
European SkipperThymelicus lineolaa common exotic; on Nomans Land
Fiery SkipperHylephila phyleusvagrant in late summer; about a half-dozen records, some of multiple individuals
Leonard’s SkipperHesperia leonarduslocal; uncommon in grassland; on Nomans Land
Cobweb SkipperHesperia meteamoderately common in grassland
Indian SkipperHesperia sassacusLocal, fairly common where it occurs
Peck’s SkipperPolites peckiuscommon and widespread; on Nomans Land
Tawny-edged SkipperPolites themistoclescommon in open habitats
Crossline SkipperPolites origenesuncommon
Long DashPolites mysticcommon; on Nomans Land
Northern Broken DashWallengrenia egeremetcommon
SachemAtalopedes campestrisapparently established, sometimes fairly common. First records 1997
Hobomok SkipperLon hobomockcommon
Zabulon SkipperLon zabulonEstablished on the Vineyard by 2016, now fairly common.
Broad-winged SkipperPoanes viatoruncommon
Black DashEuphyes conspicuarare at best, likely extirpated; no recent records
Dun SkipperEuphyes ruricolacommon to abundant, our most numerous Hesperine
Dusted SkipperAtrytonopsis hiannauncommon