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Checklist of Odonata

Scientific NameCommon NameNotes "N" indicates presence on Noman's Land
Family Calopterygidae – Broad-winged Damsels
Calopteryx maculataEbony Jewelwinglocally common in morainal hills along streams
Family Lestidae – Spreadwings
Lestes disjunctusCommon Spreadwinglocally common
Lestes forcipatusSweetflag Spreadwinguncommon
Lestes congenerSpotted SpeadwingN; locally common
Lestes dryasEmerald Spreadwinghistoric records only
Lestes vigilaxSwamp Spreadwinglocal
Lestes eurinusAmber-winged Spreadwinglocal
Lestes rectangularisSlender SpreadwingN; common
Family Coenagrionidae – Pond Damsels
Chromagrion conditumAurora Damsellocal; one known site
Enallagma civileFamiliar BluetN; common to abundant and widespread
Enallagma cyathigerumNorthern Bluetlocally common
Enallagma doubledayiAtlantic Bluetlocal; two sites known
Enallagma durumBig Bluettwo known sites
Enallagma lateraleNew England Bluetlocal; two known sites
Enallagma traviatumSlender Bluetlocal; two known sites
Enallagma divagansTurquoise Bluetlocal; one known site
Enallagma geminatumSkimming Bluetlocally common
Enallagma aspersumAzure BluetN; locally common
Enallagma signatumOrange Bluetlocal
Amphiagrion sauciumEastern Red Damselthree known sites
Ischnura verticalisEastern ForktailN; common and widespread
Ischnura ramburiiRambur’s Forktailone known site
Ischnura positaFragile ForktailN; common and widespread
Ischnura kellicottiLilypad Forktailthree known sites
Ischnura hastataCitrine Forktaillocal and uncommon
Nehalennia gracilisSphagnum Spritetwo known sites
Argia fumipennisVariable Dancerlocal and not numerous
Family Aeshnidae - Darners
Epiaeschna herosSwamp Darneruncommon transient in late summer
Aeshna umbrosaShadow Darneruncommon; a few recent records
Aeshna tuberculiferaBlack-tipped Darnerone recent record
Aeshna clepsydraMottled Darnerhistorical records only
Aeshna multicolorBlue-eyed Darnervagrant; one collected August 20,1943
Anax juniusCommon Green DarnerN; common to abundant and widespread
Anax longipesComet Darneruncommon and local; species of Special Concern in MA
Boyeria vinosaFawn Darneruncommon and local
Family Gomphidae – Clubtails
Gomphus exilisLancet Clubtailone record in 2003
Family Corduliidae – Emeralds
Epitheca spinosaRobust Baskettail
Epitheca cynosureCommon Baskettailuncommon but reasonably widespread
Family Libellulidae – Skimmers
Perithernis teneraEastern Amberwingcommon and widespread
Pachydiplax longipennisBlue DasherN; common and widespread
Erytheris simplicicollisEastern PondhawkN; common and widespread
Libellula cyaneaSpangled Skimmermoderately widespread but not particularly common
Libellula incestaSlaty Skimmerwidespread and moderately common
Libellula vibransGreat Blue Skimmersporadic visitor; found in 2004 and 2005
Libellula exustaWhite Corporalmoderately common and widespread
Libellula lydiaCommon WhitetailN; common and widespread
Libellula pulchellaTwelve-spotted SkimmerN; uncommon but widespread
Libellula luctosaWidow Skimmervery uncommon; known from one site
Libellula needhamiNeedham’s Skimmermoderately common and widespread
Libellula semifasciataPainted SkimmerN; uncommon and local
Libellula quadrimaculataFour-spotted Skimmerhistorical records; one 2006 record
Ladona juliaChalk-fronted CorporalOne found by Tiasquam River in 2007
Celithemis elisaCalico Pennantcommon and widespread
Erythrodiplax bereniceSeaside Dragonletlocal but common where found
Sympetrum rubicundulumRuby MeadowhawkN; common to abundant and widespread
Sympetrum vicinumAutumn Meadowhawk N; common and widespread
Sympetrum costiferumSaffron-winged Meadowhawklocally common to abundant
Sympetrum semicinctumBand-winged Meadowhawkvery local and uncommon
Pantala flavescensWandering Glideroccasionally common to abundant; widespread
Pantala hymenaeaSpot-winged GliderN; local and uncommon
Tramea carolinaCarolina SaddlebagsN; widespread but not numerous
Tramea lacerataBlack SaddlebagsN; widespread but not numerous