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Checklist of Orthoptera



Scientific NameCommon NameNotes/Comments
Suborder Caelifera, Short-horned Orthoptera
Family Acrididae, Short-horned Grasshoppers
Subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae, Bird Grasshoppers
Schistocerca alutaceaLeather-colored Bird GrasshopperMorse 1920. No recent records; current knowledge suggests that many old S. alutacea records may actually reflect S. lineata.
Schistocerca americanaAmerican Bird GrasshopperOne individual, undoubtedly an accidental import, was found in a package of broccoli bought at a Vineyard market in January 2024.
Schistocerca nitensGray Bird GrasshopperFound at a nursery in West Tisbury 2022, evidently imported on plants from California.
Subfamily Gomphocerinae, Stridulating Slant-faced Grasshoppers
Chloeatis conspersaSprinkled Broad-winged GrasshopperUncommon
Orphulella pelidnaSpot-winged GrasshopperCommon
Orphulella speciosaPasture GrasshopperUncommon
Pseudopomala brachypteraShort-winged Toothpick GrasshopperRare
Subfamily Oedipodinae, Band-winged Grasshoppers
Arphia sulphureaSulfur-winged GrasshopperCommon, overwinters as nymph
Arphia xanthopteraAutumn Yellow-winged GrasshopperLocal
Chortophaga viridifasciataNorthern Green-striped GrasshopperWidespread and abundant, overwinters as nymph
Encoptolophus sordidusClouded GrasshopperLocal, only one known population
Dissosteira carolinaCarolina GrasshopperWidespread and common
Psinidia fenestralisLonghorn Band-winged GrasshopperLocal
Spharagemon bolliBoll’s GrasshopperLocal
Spharagemon collareMottled Sand GrasshopperMorse 1920, no recent records
Spharagemon marmorataMarbled GrasshopperMorse 1920 [Scirtetica marmorata], no recent records
Trimerotropis maritimaSeaside GrasshopperCommon in dune grass
Subfamily Melanoplinae, Spur-throated Grasshoppers
Hesperotettix viridisMeadow Purple-striped GrasshopperUncommon
Melanoplus bivittatusTwo-striped GrasshopperCommon
Melanoplus differentialisDifferential GrasshopperUncommon, associated with ruderal habitat
Melanoplus fasciatusHuckleberry Spur-throated GrasshopperUncommon
Melanoplus femurrubrumRed-legged GrasshopperWidespread and abundant
Melanoplus keeleriKeeler’s GrasshopperLocally common
Melanoplus punctulatusPinetree Spur-throated GrasshopperUncommon
Family Tetrigidae, Pygmy Grasshoppers
Subfamily Batrachideinae, Pygmy Grasshoppers
Tettigidea lateralisBlack-sided Pygmy GrasshopperOne record (Aquinnah). Possibly overlooked.
Subfamily Tetriginae, Pygmy Grasshoppers
Nomotettix cristatusCrested Pygmy GrasshopperUncommon, most records from Correllus State Forest
Tetrix ornataOrnate Grouse LocustFound in a strawberry field in West Tisbury, 2022; possibly imported with plants
Suborder Ensifera, Long-horned Orthoptera
Family Tetigoniidae, Katydids
Subfamily Conocephalinae, Meadow Katydids
Conocephalus brevipennisShort-winged Meadow KatydidCommon
Conocephalus fasciatusSlender Meadow KatydidUncommon
Concephalus spartinaeSaltmarsh Meadow KatydidCommon to abundant in Spartina habitat
Conocephalus strictusStraight-lanced Meadow KatydidCommon
Orchelimum concinnumStripe-faced Meadow KatydidMorse 1920, no recent records
Orchelimum minoreLesser Pine KatydidUncommon
Orchelimum vulgareCommon Meadow KatydidCommon
Neoconocephalus ensigerSword-bearing Conehead KatydidRare, two records (Edgartown and West Tisbury)
Neoconocephalus retususRound-tipped ConeheadCommon
Neoconocephalus robustusRobust ConeheadUncommon in weedy areas and, oddly, dunes with Ammophila grass.
Neoconocephalus triopsBroad-tipped ConeheadTwo individuals found December 2021/January 2022. Presumed to have been imported, perhaps on fresh produce
Subfamily Meconematinae, Quiet-Calling Katydids
Meconema thalassinumDrumming KatydidUncommon; non-native
Subfamily Phaneropterinae, False Katydids
Amblycorypha rotundifoliaRattler Round-winged KatydidUncommon; there are several "research grade" observations of this species from Martha's Vineyard in iNaturalist.
Amblycorypha sp.One, possibly more long-winged speciesUncommon
Microcentrum rhombifoliumGreater AnglewingUncommon and possibly recently established here.
Microcentrum retinerveLesser AnglewingTwo research-grade records in iNaturalist, one from a West Tisbury garden center, one from downtown Edgartown. Both individuals were likely imported but eventual establishment of this species seems possible.
Scudderia curvicaudaCurve-tailed Bush KatydidUncommon. Most or all Vineyard records are from scrub oak habitat in Correllus State Forest.
Scudderia furcataFork-tailed Bush KatydidCommon to locally abundant. Seems to prefer scrub oak habitat but occurs quite widely across Martha's Vineyard.
Scudderia septentrionalisNorthern Bush KatydidRare to uncommon
Subfamily Pseudophyllinae, True Katydids
Pterophylla camellifoliaCommon True KatydidLocally common
Subfamily Tettigoniinae, Predaceous Katydids
Atlanticus americanusAmerican ShieldbackUncommon
Family Gryllidae, True Crickets
Subfamily Gryllinae, Field Crickets
Gryllus pennsylvanicusSpring Field CricketCommon
Gryllus veletisFall Field CricketCommon
Subfamily Hapithinae, Bush Crickets
Hapithus saltatorJumping Bush CricketCommon, often in ruderal habitat
Subfamily Oecanthinae, Tree Crickets
Neoxabea bipunctataTwo-spotted tree cricketCommon
Oecanthus exclamationisDavis's Tree CricketRare to uncommon; one specimen, one heard record
Oecanthus fultoniSnowy Tree CricketSurprisingly scarce; often in ruderal areas
Oecanthus latipennisBroad-winged Tree CricketOne record, Tisbury (iNaturalist). Given the agicultural setting of this record, it may reflect an accidental import.
Oecanthus nigricornisBlack-horned Tree CricketLocally common, mostly in shrub swamp
Oecanthus piniPine Tree CricketUncommon
Oecanthus niveusNarrow-winged Tree CricketFairly common, widespread
Oecanthus quadripunctatusFour-spotted Tree CricketFairly common
Family Trigonidiinae, Trigs and Ground Crickets
Subfamily Nemobiinae, Ground Crickets
Allonemobius allardiAllard’s Ground CricketWidespread and common
Allonemobius fasciatusStriped Ground CricketCommon, mostly wet habitats
Allonemobius tinnulusTinkling Ground CricketUncommon to common, often in oak woodland
Eunemobius carolinusCarolina Ground CricketCommon, often in ruderal habitat
Neonemobius palustrisSphagnum Ground CricketOne record, Aquinnah, but possibly overlooked
Family Gryllotalpidae, Mole Crickets
Subfamily Gryllotalpinae, Mole Crickets
Neocurtilla hexadactylaNorthern Mole CricketThe most recent records are several decades old
Family Rhaphidophoridae, Camel Crickets
Subfamily Ceuthophilinae, Camel Crickets
Ceutophilus sp.Camel CricketUncommon, unknown species
Subfamily Aemodogryllinae, Cave Crickets
Tachycines asynamorusGreenhouse Camel CricketMost or all regional records come from basements of human structures.