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Natural History Webinars


Sea Ducks of Martha's Vineyard: Video

Winter birding on Martha’s Vineyard centers largely around the waterfowl that spend the season on our bays, ponds, and coastal waters. MVAL director Matt Pelikan introduces many of our regularly occurring sea ducks: where to find them, what to look for, and how to identify them.

Introduction to Fly Ecology and Taxonomy: Video

Flies – the insect order Diptera – are understudied and underappreciated. But this is a diverse, ecologically important, and often surprisingly beautiful group of insects. This recorded webinar will introduce you to the basics of fly ecology and will help you begin to identify flies by introducing the higher-level taxonomy of this order.

Diversity of Vineyard Flies: Video

While they have not been studied extensively on Martha’s Vineyard, flies are abundant, diverse, and ecologically important here. Records in iNaturalist suggest that the Vineyard hosts an interesting fly fauna, with many species that are rarely reported elsewhere in the region. Here’s a webinar recording that will introduce you to some of the diversity of flies that occur here.

Vineyard Orthoptera: Video

About 56 species in the insect order Orthoptera (grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids) have been documented on Martha’s Vineyard. While little studied, these insects are interesting, relatively easy to find and observe, and of considerable importance ecologically. Here’s a webinar recording to introduce you to the Vineyard’s Orthoptera.

Introduction to Bees: Video

Ecologically vital given their proficiency as pollinators, bees (the superfamily Anthophila) are also beautiful, interesting, and easily studied. Pollinator ecologist Molly Jacobson introduces bee natural history and identification in this recorded webinar.