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Checklist of Vineyard Mosses

Scientific NameAuthorsNotes
Mosses, Phylum Bryophyta
Family Amblystegiaceae
Amblystegium serpensSchimp. in B.S.G. var. serpensTree bases.
Amblystegium serpens var. juratzkanum(Schimp.) Rau & Herv.In a concrete foundation and at the base of a tree.
Campylium polygamum(Schimp.) C.E.O. JensenPond shore.
Drepanocladus aduncus var. kneiffii(Schimp.) Mönk.Dry pond shore in moist sand.
Leptodictyum riparium(Hedw.) Warnst.Shores of fresh water ponds; submersed in streams; on a concrete dam.
Leptodictyum trichopodium(Schultz) Warnst.Soil.
Platylomella lescurii(Sull. in Gray) AndrewsRocks in stream bed
Warnstorfia exannulata(Schimp. in B.S.G.) LoeskeSubmersed in water of a fen.
Warnstorfia fluitans(Hedw.) LoeskeOn muck at edge of pond.
Hygroamblystegium tenax(Hedw.) Jenn.Along stream on rock by seep in willow thicket with standing water.
Hygrohypnum ochraceum(Turner ex Wilson) LoeskeMucky seep, wet rock at edge of stream.
Family Anomodontaceae
Anomodon attenuates(Hedw.) Hüb.Tree bases.
Anomodon rostratus(Hedw.) Schimp.Tree bases.
Family Aulacomniacae
Aulacomnium palustre(Hedw.) Schwaegr.Peat banks along streams.
Family Bartramiaceae
Philonotis fontana(Hedw.) Brid.Soil along streams.
Family Brachytheciaceae
Brachythecium acuminatum(Hedw.)Bark of large Quercus alba.
Brachythecium campestre(Müll. Hal.) Schimp.Base of Nyssa tree.
Brachythecium digastrumMüll. Hal. ex Kindb.Base of deciduous tree.
Brachythecium oxycladon(Brid.) A. JaegerSandy soil on stone.
Brachythecium rivulareSchimp.Mucky seep and soil.
Brachythecium rutabulum(Hedw.) Schimp. in B.S.G.Tree bases wet logs at edge of Ponds; wet rocks in stream beds; on mortar; in lawns.
Brachythecium salebrosum(Web. & Mohr) Schimp. in B.S.G.Tree bases.
Brachythecium velutinum(Hedw.) Schimp.Rock in stream along trail in deciduous forest.
Bryhnia novae-angliae(Sull. & Lesq. in Sull.) GroutWet humus and sandy soil along Brooks; humus in seeps.
Bryoandersonia illecebra(Hedw.) Robins.Tree bases.
Homalotheciella subcapillata(Hedw.) Broth.Tree bases.
Pseudoscleropodium purum(Hedw.) M. Fleisch.In lawn grasses.
Rhychostegium serrulatum(Hedw.) Jaeg.Tree bases; forest soil; lawns.
Family Bryaceae
Bryum argentumHedw.Dry soil over concrete and track.
Family Buxbaumiaceae
Buxbaumia aphyllaHedw.Sandy soil in sparse dry forests.
Family Calliergonaceae
Straminergon stramineum(Dicks ex Brid.) HedenäsWet peat along beach swale.
Family Climaciaceae
Climacium americanumBrid.Soil; open wet forest.
Climacium kindbergii(Renauld & Cardot) GroutBark of tree at high water mark.
Family Dicranaceae
Dicranella heteromalla(Hedw.) Schimp.Soil of tip-up mounds and trailside banks in forests.
Dicranum condensatumHedw.Low cushions in open sand plains.
Dicranum flagellareHedw.Side of peat hummock; bark at tree base.
Dicranum fulvumHook.Granite boulders; bark near base of tree.
Dicranum montanumHedw.Granite boulders on forest floor and stone walls.
Dicranum polysetumSw.Cushion on forest floor beneath pine.
Dicranum scopariumHedw.Soil under shrubs and in lawns.
Family Diphysiaceae
Diphyscium foliosum(Hedw.) MohrSandy silty soil; road and trailside banks.
Family Ditrichaceae
Ceratodon purpureus(Hedw.) Brid.Lawns and weedy places.
Ditrichum lineare(Sw.) Lindb.Mineral soil; base of seaside bluffs and along trails and trackways.
Ditrichum pallidum(Hedw.) HampeSandy soil in open sandy plain, deciduous forest, lawns.
Family Entodontaceae
Entodon cladorrhizans(Hedw.) Müll. Hal.Base of Quercus alba.
Entodon seductrix(Hedw.) Müll. Hal.Root mass of willow tree.
Family Ephemeraceae
Ephemerum crassinervium(Schwägr.) HampeOpen and partly shaded lawns.
Micromitrium megalosporumAustinDry pond bottom, mucky soil
Micromitrium tenerum(Bruch & Schimp.) CrosbyWet sand, moist organic soil.
Family Fontinalaceae
Fontinalis antipyreticaHedw. var. gigantea (Sull.) Sull.Submersed in flowing stream water.
Fontinalis flaccidaRenauld & CardotIn stream in deciduous forest.
Fontinalis novae-angliaeSull.On dry will twigs.
Fontinalis cf. novae-angliaeSull.On submerged rocks.
Family Funariaceae
Funaria hygrometricaHedw.Soil between terrace flagstones.
Physcomitrium pyriforme(Hedw.) HampeRoad bed, moist soil.
Family Grimmiaceae
Racomitrium aciculare(Hedw.) Brid.On submerged rocks in pond and stream.
Schistidium apocarpum(Hedw.) Bruch & Schimp.On stone and concrete walls.
Schistidium dupretii(Thér.) W.A. WeberMortar and stone wall.
Family Hedwigiaceae
Hedwigia ciliata(Hedw.) P. Beauv.Boulders in forests.
Family Helodiaceae
Helodium paludosum(Austin) Broth.Edge of wet meadow, decorticated log, soil among graminoids and forbs.
Family Hylocomiaceae
Pleurozium schreberi(Brid.) Mitt.Forest floor below Norway spruce; lawns.
Family Hypnaceae
Callicladium haldanianum(Grev.) CrumTree bases and granite boulders.
Calliergonella lindbergii(Hypnum lindbergii Mitt.)Soil along trail.
Herzogiella striatella(Brid.) Iwats.Side of peat mound and shrub bases; stream headwaters.
Hypnum cupressiformeHedw. var. cupressiformeTree bases; granite boulders in stone walls and streambeds; lawns.
Hypnum cupressiforme var. filiformeBrid.Growing downward on tree bases.
Hypnum curvifoliumHedw.Lawn.
Hypnum imponensHedw.Soil and boulders in deciduous and pine-oak forests and stone walls.
Hypnum lindbergiiMitt.Forest and shrub land, lawn under sparse tree cover.
Hypnum pallescens(Hedw.) P. Beauv.Tree bases and boulders.
Isopterygium tenerum(Sw.) Mitt.Base of willow tree, pond shore on rocks.
Platygyrium repens(Brid.) Schimp. in B.S.G.Tree bark.
Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans(Brid.) Iwats.Forested slope; brook ravine; peaty soil in mesic forest; stream headwaters.
Family Leucobryaceae
Leucobryum albidum(Brid. ex P. Beauv.) Lindb.Soil; pine-oak forests; lawns.
Leucobryum glaucum(Hedw.) Ångstr. in FriesSoil in forest.
Family Mniaceae
Mnium hornumHedw.Muck under shrubs at edge of freshwater pond; soil along streams in headwater areas.
Plagiomnium cuspidatum(Hedw.) T. Kop.Tree bases; soil in dry and mesic forests.
Pohlia annotina var. decipiensLoeskeSilty sand bank, sand at base of bluff.
Pohlia lescuriana(Sull.) GroutSoil between terrace flagstones.
Pohlia nutans(Hedw.) Lindb.Shade slope, silty sand, trailside bank.
Pohlia wahlenbergii(Web. & Mohr) AndrewsShaded lawn.
Pseudobryum cinclidioides(Huebener) T.J. Kop.Mucky seeps.
Family Orthotrichaceae
Orthotrichum anomalumHedw.Low stone wall at edge of lawn.
Orthotrichum stellatumBrid.Bark of deciduous trees, streamside forests, and trees along roads.
Ulota crispa(Hedw.) Brid.Tree bark in dry to mesic forests.
Ulota hutchinsiae(Sm.) HammarGranite boulders in forests.
Family Plagiotheciaceae
Plagiothecium laetumSchimp. in B.S.G.Organic soil in dry forest.
Plagiothecium latebricolaSchimp.On rotting wood, willow tree base.
Family Polytrichaceae
Atrichum alticristatum(Ren. & Card.) Smyth & SmythForested slopes; brook ravines.
Atrichum angustatum(Brid.) Bruch & Schimp. in B.S.G.Sandy soil along trails in deciduous forests.
Atrichum crispum(James) Sull.Soil in mesic forests and stream headwaters.
Pogonatum pensilvanicum(Bartram ex Hedw.) P. Beauv.Moist sandy soil bank.
Polytrichum communeHedw. var. communeSoil along trails in dry forests, lawns.
Polytrichum juniperinumHedw.Soil in pine-oak forest.
Polytrichum ohioenseRen. & Card.Forested slopes, brook ravines.
Polytrichum piliferumHedw.Sandy soil in exposed places, roadsides and lawns.
Family Pottiaceae
Acaulon muticum(Schreb. Ex Hedw.) Müll. Hal.Open, partly shaded lawn.
Barbula unguiculateHedw.Disturbed sandy silty soil.
Tortella humilis(Hedw.) Jenn.On concrete stone wall.
Weissia controversaHedw.Soil in cemetery.
Family Ptychomitriaceae
Ptychomitrium serratumBruch & Schimp.On concrete.
Family Sematophyllaceae
Pylaisiadelpha tenuirostris(Bruch & Schimp. ex Sull.) BuckGranite boulders, in stonewalls.
Sematophyllum adnatum(Michx.) Britt.On granite boulder in deciduous forest.
Family Sphagnaceae
Sphagnum affineRen. & Card.Moist soil along trail in pine-oak forest.
Sphagnum atlanticumR.E. AndrusIn muck and standing water in wetlands and pond edges.
Sphagnum capillifolium(Ehrh.) Hedw.Bank along brook, moist soil along trail in pine-oak forest.
Sphagnum fallax(Klingrr.) Klingrr.Muck at edge of brook; peaty humus in stream headwaters, carpets under shrubs at edge of freshwater ponds, side of peat mounds under shrubs.
Sphagnum fimbriatumWils. in Wils. & Hook.Low carpet among graminoids; open fen mat.
Sphagnum henryenseWarnst.Open fen among shrubs
Sphagnum lescuriiSull. in GrayWet sand; open edges of freshwater ponds near ocean and inland; fen mats.
Sphagnum magellanicumBrid.Open area among shrubs.
Sphagnum palustreL.Beneath shrubs at edge of freshwater pond; moist soil along trails under pine-oak forest.
Sphagnum papillosumLindb.Low carpets; open fen mat.
Sphagnum recurvumP. Beauv.Along brooks on muck, moist soil along trails under pine-oak forest; open fen mats in wet hollows.
Sphagnum subsecundum var. rufescens(Nees & Hornsch.) HuebenerWet swale behind beach, wet peat.
Sphagnum torreyanumSull.Dry vernal pond under forest cover; submersed at edge of freshwater pond.
Sphagnum trinitenseMüll. Hal.On dried pond shore, in muck at edge of pond.
Family Tetraphidaceae
Tetraphis pellucidaHedw.Forested slopes, brook ravine, rotting stumps and mesic soil banks beneath forest cover.
Family Theliaceae
Thelia asprellaSull. in Sull. & Lesq.Tree bases, especially of white oak.
Thelia hirtella(Hedw.) Sull. in Sull. & Lesq.Tree bases especially of white oak; shaded concrete.
Family Thuidiaceae
Rauiella scita(P. Beauv.) ReimersBase of Quercus alba.
Thuidium delicatulum(Hedw.) Schimp. in B.S.G.Sandy soil in mesic forests.
Liverworts, Phylum Marchantiophyta
Family Adelanthaceae
Odontoschisma prostratum(Sw.) Trev.Bases of shrubs in stream headwaters; shaded pond margins.
Odontoschisma sphagni(Dicks.) Dumort.Edge of fen, on a boulder, in a soil bank.
Family Aneuraceae
Riccardia palmata(Hedw.) Carruth.Wet, rotting, decoricated log at margin of fen.
Aneura maxima(Schiffner) StephaniMud along brook in low area of forest.
Family Calypogeiaceae
Calypogeia fissa subsp. neogaeaR.M. Schust.Moist sandy soil.
Calypogeia fissa(L.) RaddiWet peat bank, forested stream headwaters.
Calypogeia muelleriana(Schiffner) K. Müller.In peat, in shrubs.
Calypogeia sullivantiiAustin.Peat under shrubs.
Family Cephaloziaceae
Cephalozia bicuspidate(L.) Dumort.Rotting log in low forest.
Cephalozia connivens(Dicks.) Lindb.peat and humus beneath shrubs at edges of freshwater ponds and fens.
Cephalozia macrostachyaKaal.Rotting log, shaded margin of fen.
Cephaloziella divaricata(Sm.) Warnst.Swampy woods, decorticated logs.
Cephaloziella rubella(Nees) Warnst.Sandy, silty soil on sand bank, trailside.
Chiloscyphus polyanthos(L.) CordaOn logs and forest litter in pools.
Chiloscyphus polyanthus var. rivularisOn twigs and cobbles in stream.
Cladopodiella fluitans(Nees) BuchMoist sand, edge of drawdown pond perched on a bluff at the edge of the ocean.
Nowellia curvifolia(Dicks.) Mitt.Rotting log, shaded margin of fen.
Family Condoniaceae
Fossombronia cristulaAust.Wet sand, shore of drawdown pond.
Family Jubulaceae
Frullania tamarisci subsp. asagrayana(L.) Dumort. subsp. (Mont.) Hatt.Face of huge granite boulder in forest.
Frullania eboracensis subsp. eboracensisGott.Boles and bases of deciduous trees.
Frullania eboracensis subsp. virginica(Gottsche) R.M. Schust.Boles of deciduous trees.
Family Jungermanniaceae
Jungermannia gracillimaSm.Moist sand bank.
Lophozia bicrenata(Schmidel ex Hoffm.) Dumort.Moist sand, edge of drawdown pond perched on a bluff at the edge of the ocean.
Nardia insectaLindb.Low sandy bank.
Nardia lescurii(Austin) Underw.Near stream.
Family Lepidoziaceae
Bazzania trilobata(L.) GrayPine forest on rotting log.
Kurzia sylvatica(Evans) GrolleWet peat, along streams in headwaters, under shrubs at edge of freshwater ponds.
Telaranea longifolia(M. Howe) J.J. Engel & G.L. Merr.Wet sand at edge of pond.
Telaranea nematodes(Gott. ex Aust.) M. HoweWet sand beneath sedges and forbs at edge of drawdown pond, on Osmunda tussocks under shrubs, edge of freshwater pond.
Family Lophocoleaceae
Lophocolea bicuspidateNees.Stream, side of granite boulder.
Lophocolea heterophylla(Schrad.) Dumort.Soil along trails under forest cover; moist rotting logs; lawns.
Family Marchantiaceae
Marchantia polymorphaL.Between pavement stones at the Polly Hill Arboretum visitor center.
Family Pallaviciniaceae
Pallavicinia lyellii(Hook.) Carruth.Osmunda tussocks under shrubs, edge of freshwater pond; wet peaty soil along brook headwaters.
Family Pelliaceae
Pellia epiphylla(L.) CordaPeaty soil, side of drainage ditch, humus bank, brook headwaters.
Pellia neesiana(Gottsche) Limpr.Raw clay, silty sand, muck.
Family Porellaceae
Porella pinnataL.Mucky seep, on rocks in streambed.
Family Ptilidiaceae
Ptilidium pulcherrimum(Web.) VainioFace of huge granite boulder in forest.
Family Ricciaceae
Riccia fluitansL.Attached to moss plants submersed in flowing stream water.
Riccia huebeneriana subsp. sullivantiiLindenb. subsp. (Aust.) Schust.Abundant on organic sediments of drained drawdown pond.
Family Scapaniaceae
Diplophyllum apiculatum(Evans) Steph.Sandy brookside bank; side of boulder in streambed.
Scapania nemorea(L.) GrolleSandy, compact soil of forest trails.
Scapania nemorea forma whitehouseaeR.M. Schust.Moist, silty, shaded sand bank.
Scapania undulata(L.) Dumort.Attached to submersed rocks in streambeds.
Hornworts, Phylum Anthocerotophyta
Family Anthocerotaceae
Phaeoceros laevis subsp. carolinianus(L.) Prosk. subsp. (Michx.) Prosk.Moist silty shaded compact soil; bed of a dirt road near a pond.